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Frank & Maud VanVolkinburg History & Genealogy

Frank Vanvolkinburg was born to Sanford Vanvolkinburg and Mary Ann Johnson, April 05, 1872 in Bradford County. He bought property on the Overshot Road and married Maud Adams, July 29, 1895. Frank worked most of his life as a stone mason.

Maud Adams was born to Nelson Adams and Elizabeth Dickinson, December 05, 1875 in Colley Township, Sullivan County.

Frank and Maud raised four children:

Mabel - March 18, 1897 - April 25, 1973
Archie - June 27, 1899 - April 12, 1948,
Dana - September 13, 1902 - July 09, 1964
Carl - September 24, 1911 - February 01, 1961

The 1900 Directory of Wyoming County, Pa. lists "Frank Van Volkinburg, (Jenningsville) r23, Windham, Stone Mason".

The 1936 Luzerne Telephone Directory lists Frank's phone number as "Mehoopany, Frank VanVolkinburg r. Jenningsville....10-R-8".

Frank died April 18, 1950 and Maud died September 04, 1943, they are both buried in the North Flat Cemetery.

Poem wrote by Frank Van Volkinburg on March 26, 1938

The house is on the mountain road;
not far from Cap Martin place.
It is not a lonesome spot;
as the winding road you trace,

It was on 26 of March, 1938;
we broke the frozen earth.
On the Charles Dempsey estate.

The ground it was very rocky;
so we soon had things in shape.
To build the mammoth cellar,
with material from the estate;

Dana built the forms,
which was so very true;
Carl mixed the cement,
which Frank could not do;

The Dempsey's they arrived,
in due time you well know,
To see how things was looking,
and how we made it go;

Brigham drawed the stone,
so Frank could do his part;
Dana matched the wood,
so it will not come apart;

The mansion is built of native stone,
and it's kind are very few;
No doubt the house will stand the test,
C.J. said no other kind would do;

Now the plumbing and the plastering,
is waiting yet to do,
When Mrs. Dempsey gets her stove up,
then we will have our old beef stew.

Now Wallrath is a German, Van Volkinburg German too,
Dempsey is a big Irishman,
so what in hell will we do;

Now when this house is completed,
both inside and out;
It will be a good place for Dempsey,
for he is big and stout;

Now we all like the bottle,
that is plain to see;
When we all had lunch,
under the old apple tree;

Very truly yours;


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