Friday, October 28, 2011

Lacey Street Cemetery

I am trying to find the person who is the keeper of the Lacey Street Cemetery records. I do not see a listing for a Lacey Street Cemetery Association.

Thank you,
Joanne Ellis

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Octagon House Inventory

About the Book

A permanent record of all known 19th century octagon houses built (including Laceyville). While the exact number of octagon houses built in the United States during the 19th century isn’t known, most sources indicate several thousand were constructed. The historical significance of these houses is evident when one considers that the majority were built before the Civil War.

This 310 page book has the history and locations of over 900 octagon homes (including hexagon and roundhouses). It is supplemented with illustrations of vintage postcards, historic photos and contemporary views of the homes, some never before published. The book includes schoolhouses and other 19th Century octagonal buildings of merit. In addition to nearly 130 images, the book contains information culled from the Inventory Web site, old newspapers and 30 years of collected archives.

About the Author

Ellen L. Puerzer historian and writer, has been researching octagon houses since 1976 and compiled information on midwest octagon houses for Carl F. Schmidt’s 1978 book More About Octagons. With Robert Kline, she maintains the online Octagon House Inventory. She is putting the finishing touches on a book about Milwaukee 19th century architect Edward Townsend Mix to be published in late 2011. Ellen lives with her husband in a 1908 house they restored in the midwest.

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Friday, March 25, 2011


The prefixes indicate the state in which the Social Security Number was issued. This will assist you in identifying the state in which the individual lived or was possibly born. This is a big help when you’re searching the Internet. The prefixes are the first three digits of the SSN.

Social Security Number Prefixes

Social Security Online

Social Security Online

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Andrew and Emily Everett

I am looking for information on Andrew and Emily Everett. The lived in the Braintrim area until about 1930. I believe they died after the 1930 census. Any help would be appreciated.

Andrew was born about 1856.
They had 1 daughter Melissa Everett Holmes Lewis.


Judy Mead Blackman

Old Photo's

John F. Detrick

My grandfather was John F. Detrick, father is Howard A. Detrick. I think my great grandfather is Ambrose Detrick. All are at Lacey Cemetery. I also notice at the Lacey Cemetery other Detrick's, are we all related? Any information would appreciated.
Thank You
James Detrick

The Oldest House of Laceyville - Smith Family

My moment happened Fall of 2008 when we had the pleasure of visiting The Oldest House of Laceyville. It was magic to me because I am a decendant of the Smith Family for whom the house was built.

One thing I would like to know is does anyone have a copy of the Smith Family History that was presented to The Oldest House in 1986 by William Korroch of Michigan? He was in contact with my mother, Hazel Leota Depue Moore, (a daughter of Grace Augusta Smith Depue) early in 1982. My mother died in December 1982 and we did not hear anything further on the historyl

We asked about the history when we visited The Oldest House. The person we talked to did not have any information on it. We did have the tour after The Oldest House was closed for the season and was ever so grateful for the graciousness with which our request for a tour was granted. I have just resumed my project of putting together a family tree for our children and grand children. We will appreciate anything you can do to make my Magical Moment and even bigger moment.

Thank you so much.

Ida Moore Depue Richards

Looking for Edward and Margaret Bruder

Hi my name is Don Bruder and I'm looking for my family. I was told my grandfather is Edward Bruder he died in 1949 in Laceyville PA. I dont know what cemetery he is in. My grandmother, Margaret and their daughter Jannette are next to him. Can you please help me find them? Thank you.