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Dana VanVolkinburg - Meshoppen, PA.

Dana VanVolkinburg married Ada Mae Sullivan June 15, 1927 at Wilkes Barre, PA.

Beecher Ford Garage Laceyville 1920

Robert & Ruth Brown Springer

I'm looking for any info on my Great Grandparents, Robert & Ruth Brown Springer. They resided in West Nicholson. Ruth passed away in Montrose in the 1950's, I don’t know about Robert. Roberts Parents were Walter & Grace Grant Springer; they are buried in the Sunnyside Cemetery in Tunkhannock. On The Brown side I do not know either.

My late Grandparents are Ralph & Marion Springer Sutton. They passed away in the 1980's, Ralph in 1988, Marion in 1982. I have a complete listing on the Sutton side. I have traced the Suttons from Warren NJ, dating in the early 1800's.

If anyone can be of help, I too would appreciate it very much; my email is,

Thanks, Bonny Sutton

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Mary Ann Adams Burgess

I am trying to verify that Mary Ann Adams is the oldest daughter of Richard Adams and Mary Polly Smith.

  • Mary Ann Adams was born March 8, 1827 in
    Forkston, Wyoming Co., PA.
  • Mary Ann & Russell Park Burgess married on
    Nov. 16, 1845 in Forkston, PA.
  • Mary Ann’s father, Richard Adams, died in 1868
  • Her mother, Mary Polly Smith died in 1875.

North Branch or Adams Cemetery, Forkston, PA

  • ADAMS, Richard, d: 4 Sept 1868 67y 1m 22d
    "Asleep in Jesus Peaceful Rest, Whose waking is supposedly blest.
    In fear no woe shall dim that hour,
    That manifests the Saviour's Power.";
    Polly, h/w, d: 3 July 1875 70y 3m 25d
    "A mother kind lies here at rest, With earthly cares no longer pressed.
    Her soul we trust by pardoning grace,
    Finds now with Saints a resting place.";
    Aaron James, son, d: 9 Nov 1857 17y 1m 25d
  • BURGESS, Russell P., 8 Dec 1823 - 14 Aug 1898;
    Mary A., h/w, 8 Mar 1827 - 16 Nov 1888 'Tis with believers well;
    Grattan W., son, d: 15 Jan 1862 6y 5m 26d

The probate records for Richard Adams did not contain a will.

I have accounted for all his children in the 1850 census by name, except for Mary Ann Adams who was already married.

Does anyone have any suggestions or references/resources that could document that Mary Ann Adams is the oldest daughter of Richard Adams and Mary Polly Smith?

Thank you,

Bill @

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The Gregory and Shoemaker Homes

In 1900 Sidney H. Gregory was a veterinary surgeon living with his spouse, Media Amelia Stevens Gregory in Laceyville.

Does anyone recognize this house and is it still there?

I think the house is at the end of a street fairly close to the library.

Residing with Sidney and Media in 1900:

  • Blennie Gregory (born Oct. 1872), daughter.
  • Elizabeth E Ackley (born May 1820), Media's widowed mother.
  • Hartley H Stevens (born Sept. 1836), Media's brother.

Sidney and Media Amelia are both buried in the Lacey Street Cemetery;

GREGORY, Sidney H., 11 May 1838 - 9 Apr 1901;
Amelia A. Stevens, h/w, 29 May 1838 - 10 Feb 1920


The Shoemaker home is on a hill somewhere on the outskirts of Laceyville, Pa. It has a large lawn with pine trees.

My aunt and uncle used to hit golf balls below the terrace.

This house belonged to my great grandfather, William Ethelred Shoemaker and his wife, Etta Gregory Shoemaker.

William was a game warden. He was murdered in 1921. The house then passed to his oldest son, Myron Shoemaker who was well known in the area.

This photo was taken on the stone wall near the fireplace. The Shoemakers gathered for a picnic in the summer of 1951.

I believe left to right is Myron Shoemaker, who owned the house at that time, Gerald Shoemaker, Marshall Shoemaker (Myron's son), George Shoemaker ( Sidney's son), and Sidney Shoemaker (my grandfather). I do not know the young man on the far right.

I would also like to know the location of this house.

Please email me with any information.

Thank you, Carolyn

Pvt. Robert M. Houck

Fallen Heroes - World War II

Pvt. Robert M. Houck was born in 1925 at Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, the son of Arthur and Anna Houck.

Robert was single when he enlisted in the Army at Wilkes Barre, March of 1943.

He was in France when he was killed in action.

Date/Place of Birth: 1925, Wilkes Barre, Pa.
Date/Place of Death: September 30, 1944, France - killed in action.
Army Serial Number: 33601611
Box Number: 0682
Film Reel Number: 1.199

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Isaac Lacey

Biographies from the ‘1786 History of Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Wyoming Counties Penn. 1880' published in 1880. Typed as written.

Isaac Lacey, who has numerous descendants in Braintrim, was among the pioneers. He was born in Fairfield County, Conn., April 2nd, 1754, and married Lydia Pratt, of the same place March 11th, 1784. In 1792 he located on a farm on Lacey Street, named after him. He bought the Connecticut title, but had to re-purchase of the Pennsylvania proprietors or lose his farm. He was a weaver and spent much of his time at the loom, but found time to clear up and cultivate his farm with the assistance of his sons. He reared a large family, most of whom always lived in the township. He died November 2nd, 1830; his wife March 16, 1809.

His father, Ebenezer Lacey was born in Connecticut, April 19th, 1727, and came to Braintrim in 1794, where he died December 21st, 1807. His wife, Freelove Canfield, died March 5th, 1801, aged 74 years.

Ebenezer Lacey, oldest son of Isaac Lacey, was born in Vermont, November 28th, 1788. From 1792 he lived in this township, farming and hunting. He was soldier in the war of 1812 and was granted a land warrant for his service. He was also a noted as a builder of "arks," the principal means of transportation in early days. He married, June 5th, 1809, Zeruah Northrup, who was born in Connecticut, April 3ed, 1789, and came to Laceyville in 1807. She died March 1st, 1869. Mr. Lacey died April 24th, 1872.

Canfield I. Lacey, son of Ebenezer Lacey, is a native and lifelong resident of Braintrim, born August 28th, 1828, and married December 12th, 1854, to Elizabeth Norton, of Mifflin County, Pa. He sold goods eight years at Laceyville; was contractor on public works five years; erected and operated the foundry at Laceyville, and in 1869 built the present steam grist-mill at that place in company with David Goodale. He has served as justice of the peace five years and was the census enumerator for Braintrim in 1880.

Henry J. Lacey, farmer, son of Isaac Lacey and the youngest of eleven children, was born in Braintrim, April 23, 1806, and was married June 18th, 1829, to Polly Sturdevant, of Windham. With his own hands he has cleared and improved 100 acres of heavily timbered land. In 1873 he moved to Laceyville and retired from active business. He has served as justice of the peace and held other township offices.

William B. Lacey, son of Daniel P. Lacey, was born in Braintrim, October 25th, 1823, and was married July 7th, 1847 to Lydia E. Hall, a native of New York State. He is by occupation a farmer and has always resided on the old homestead on Lacey Street.

Expert from '1900 Directory of Wyoming County'.
Braintrim Township Directory

Lacey Alfred N, (Laceyville) r 2 cor 1, farmer about 64
Lacey Anna P., (Laceyville) widow John R. bds Main
Lacey Arthur R. (Laceyville) p 1 cor 2, shoemaker and farmer50, estate of William B. h Main
Lacey Canfield I. (Laceyville) traveling agt for Marble Works.
Lacey Charles B. (Laceyville) r 6, market gardner.
Lacey Emily L. (Laceyville) r 1 widow William B., interest in farm estate 80.
Lacey Frank W. (Laceyville) r 1 cor 2, school teacher
Lacey Harvey A., (Laceyville) town treasurer and manager W L Jayne hardware and harness, Mail h over store
Lacey Olive D., (Laceyville) widow Henry W, dressmaker, Main
Lacey Paul O., (Laceyville) h main.
Lacey Raymond H, (Laceyville) school teacher, h Main.
Lacey Sarah Z., (Laceyville) h Main.

Abbreviations - h., house; cor., corner, bds., boards.

If you have information that could assist Margaret with her Lacey family research, please send an email to Please add Lacey in the Subject line.

Frank & Maud VanVolkinburg History & Genealogy

Frank Vanvolkinburg was born to Sanford Vanvolkinburg and Mary Ann Johnson, April 05, 1872 in Bradford County. He bought property on the Overshot Road and married Maud Adams, July 29, 1895. Frank worked most of his life as a stone mason.

Maud Adams was born to Nelson Adams and Elizabeth Dickinson, December 05, 1875 in Colley Township, Sullivan County.

Frank and Maud raised four children:

Mabel - March 18, 1897 - April 25, 1973
Archie - June 27, 1899 - April 12, 1948,
Dana - September 13, 1902 - July 09, 1964
Carl - September 24, 1911 - February 01, 1961

The 1900 Directory of Wyoming County, Pa. lists "Frank Van Volkinburg, (Jenningsville) r23, Windham, Stone Mason".

The 1936 Luzerne Telephone Directory lists Frank's phone number as "Mehoopany, Frank VanVolkinburg r. Jenningsville....10-R-8".

Frank died April 18, 1950 and Maud died September 04, 1943, they are both buried in the North Flat Cemetery.

Poem wrote by Frank Van Volkinburg on March 26, 1938

The house is on the mountain road;
not far from Cap Martin place.
It is not a lonesome spot;
as the winding road you trace,

It was on 26 of March, 1938;
we broke the frozen earth.
On the Charles Dempsey estate.

The ground it was very rocky;
so we soon had things in shape.
To build the mammoth cellar,
with material from the estate;

Dana built the forms,
which was so very true;
Carl mixed the cement,
which Frank could not do;

The Dempsey's they arrived,
in due time you well know,
To see how things was looking,
and how we made it go;

Brigham drawed the stone,
so Frank could do his part;
Dana matched the wood,
so it will not come apart;

The mansion is built of native stone,
and it's kind are very few;
No doubt the house will stand the test,
C.J. said no other kind would do;

Now the plumbing and the plastering,
is waiting yet to do,
When Mrs. Dempsey gets her stove up,
then we will have our old beef stew.

Now Wallrath is a German, Van Volkinburg German too,
Dempsey is a big Irishman,
so what in hell will we do;

Now when this house is completed,
both inside and out;
It will be a good place for Dempsey,
for he is big and stout;

Now we all like the bottle,
that is plain to see;
When we all had lunch,
under the old apple tree;

Very truly yours;


Sanford Vanvolkinburg and Mary Ann Johnson

Sanford Vanvolkinburg and Mary Ann Johnson, lived at Graves Pond.

Sanford and Mary Ann raised three children:
  • Amsey - May 07, 1867- Oct 31, 1943
  • Frank - April 05, 1872 - April 18, 1950
  • Bell - September 1879 - 1962
Sanford died June 26, 1894 and is buried in the Keating Summit Cemetery.

Mary Ann was the daughter of Andrew and Polly Johnson. She was born March 10, 1845 in New York and died, September 09, 1919. She is buried in the North Flat Cemetery.

Mary Ann's second marriage was to Edward St. Clair on January 18, 1896. Edward was a blacksmith. He was born in 1844 and died Bet. 1896 - 1910.

Edward H. Ward Family Genealogy

Documentation indicates this picture was taken on May 16, 1899 when Edward H. Ward was 4 months old. I found the picture of Edward on eBay. I couldn't resist buying it.
More Family Genealogy

Edward and his family are buried in the
Laceyville Street Cemetery

WARD, Edward H., DDS, 1899-(No Date);
Anna P. Rider, RN, h/w, 1901-1963
WARD, George B. M., 1865-1928; M. Belle Stevens, 1864-1924
WARD, Byron M., 1873-1911; Rosa, 1861-1914

1900 United States Federal Census

Name: Edward H. Harris
Home in 1900: Braintrim, Wyoming, PA
Age: 1
Estimated Birth Year: about 1899
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relationship to Head-of-House: Son
Father's Name: George BM
Mother's Name: Belle M
George BM Ward: Age 35
Belle M Ward: Age 34
Rose Ward: Age 38 (sister to George)
Delacroix Lynch: Age 23

Davis & Price Family History & Genealogy

By Carol Hummel
My grandmother was Ora Margaret Davis later to become Ora Price. Ora was a Washington Township Teacher.

Washington Township 1916-1917 Class List
Class List & Program Cover


Class List:
  • Mildred Bartron
  • Perle Bartron
  • Sara Baker
  • Savanna Henry
  • Florence Harvey
  • Kenneth Bush
  • Stark Bartron
  • Scott Bush
  • Edward Bush
  • Gaylord Bartron
  • Thomas Harvey
  • Helen Harvey
  • Ethel Harvey
  • Ella Harrigan
  • Ethel Laurent
  • Edna Laurent
  • Archie Harvey
  • Alpheus Jenkins
  • Robert Luce
  • Hartwell Luce
  • Jacob Luce
  • Roy Schleflor