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Mary Ann Adams Burgess

I am trying to verify that Mary Ann Adams is the oldest daughter of Richard Adams and Mary Polly Smith.

  • Mary Ann Adams was born March 8, 1827 in
    Forkston, Wyoming Co., PA.
  • Mary Ann & Russell Park Burgess married on
    Nov. 16, 1845 in Forkston, PA.
  • Mary Ann’s father, Richard Adams, died in 1868
  • Her mother, Mary Polly Smith died in 1875.

North Branch or Adams Cemetery, Forkston, PA

  • ADAMS, Richard, d: 4 Sept 1868 67y 1m 22d
    "Asleep in Jesus Peaceful Rest, Whose waking is supposedly blest.
    In fear no woe shall dim that hour,
    That manifests the Saviour's Power.";
    Polly, h/w, d: 3 July 1875 70y 3m 25d
    "A mother kind lies here at rest, With earthly cares no longer pressed.
    Her soul we trust by pardoning grace,
    Finds now with Saints a resting place.";
    Aaron James, son, d: 9 Nov 1857 17y 1m 25d
  • BURGESS, Russell P., 8 Dec 1823 - 14 Aug 1898;
    Mary A., h/w, 8 Mar 1827 - 16 Nov 1888 'Tis with believers well;
    Grattan W., son, d: 15 Jan 1862 6y 5m 26d

The probate records for Richard Adams did not contain a will.

I have accounted for all his children in the 1850 census by name, except for Mary Ann Adams who was already married.

Does anyone have any suggestions or references/resources that could document that Mary Ann Adams is the oldest daughter of Richard Adams and Mary Polly Smith?

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Anonymous said...

Clayton Grist was a volunteer/substitute for Russel P. Burgess. Clayton was killed in the war April 7 -- two days before the war ended.

per research by Ellis Grist

Bruce Jennings said...

I concur with Ellis (he's a distant cousin, in fact). I'd like to call your attention to a post in my blog about my family (Jennings), found at

There is a "Mrs. Burgress" featured in a portrait; however, I'm convinced it was mislabeled, and should be "Mrs. Burgess". Unfortunately, the card is not dated. If this is one of your ancestors, I'd love to know her face name. Thanks!