Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Oldest House of Laceyville - Smith Family

My moment happened Fall of 2008 when we had the pleasure of visiting The Oldest House of Laceyville. It was magic to me because I am a decendant of the Smith Family for whom the house was built.

One thing I would like to know is does anyone have a copy of the Smith Family History that was presented to The Oldest House in 1986 by William Korroch of Michigan? He was in contact with my mother, Hazel Leota Depue Moore, (a daughter of Grace Augusta Smith Depue) early in 1982. My mother died in December 1982 and we did not hear anything further on the historyl

We asked about the history when we visited The Oldest House. The person we talked to did not have any information on it. We did have the tour after The Oldest House was closed for the season and was ever so grateful for the graciousness with which our request for a tour was granted. I have just resumed my project of putting together a family tree for our children and grand children. We will appreciate anything you can do to make my Magical Moment and even bigger moment.

Thank you so much.

Ida Moore Depue Richards

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